Roanoke Co. Crews Handle Fuel Tank Issue

Roanoke County, VA - Roanoke County Fire and Rescue and the Roanoke Fire-EMS Hazardous Materials Team just wrapped up an issue with a 40,000 gallon fuel tank in southwest Roanoke County.

Crews set up an on-site command post at the Marathon Petroleum Company on Terminal Drive to manage a hazardous materials incident.

Monday afternoon Marathon personnel noticed a spark inside the fuel tank when crews were filling it.

Because of the static electricity concern when moving fuel from tank to tank, all company operations were shut down and fire crews were called.

Crews from the Marathon Petroleum Company did a procedure to bond and ground the fuel tank -- which fire crews said will prevent sparks from causing a fire.

Around 10:00 Monday Roanoke County Fire crews announced the procedure worked and the area has been deemed safe.