Roanoke Co. Police Investigate Attempted Murder

Roanoke Co., VA - Roanoke County Police continue to investigate what led up to a man allegedly being strangled in his apartment.

Joshua DeHart and Elizabeth Wright are being held without bond in connection with the attack.

Both DeHart and Wright claim no address nor any assets on their arrest warrant. Both were assigned public defenders at their arraignment.

The two suspects were, at one time, living in the apartment with the alleged victim. The apartment is in the Pebble Creek community on Circle Brook Drive. Police were called there Monday evening to find the alleged victim had been strangled.

While police would not comment on a motive, charging both with attempted first degree murder, they say, fits the crime.

"The investigation determined that this had been planned prior to the incident itself so the investigators felt it was the appropriate charge," Sgt. Dwayne Cromer said.

In addition to attempted first degree murder charges, both face an abduction by force charge as well.

DeHart faces a third charge of strangulation.

Both have a preliminary hearing set for April 28.