Roanoke B&B Featured On TV Show

Roanoke, VA - Just off a busy downtown Roanoke street you may not realize it but a star is potentially being born.

"We try to anticipate their needs before they arrive here. That doesn't happen with a hotel reservation," said Cindy Hummer, co-owner of Inn on Campbell.

Not necessarily a star in the way you and I may see it - but for Cindy and Ed Hummer it's a great situation.

"At this moment we're the only one like it. We tried to create something here; a niche market in a very small way. Something very upscale and very elegant...," said Cindy.

Just over a year ago the couple opened the 3-suite urban bed and breakfast the Hummers hoped would stand on its own.

And so far the Inn on Campbell has not disappointed.

"We said we were going to do 40% occupancy and we did 46%. So I'm really pleased with that. We'd like to see it up around 60 or 70% and that's our goal for this year," said co-owner Keith Hummer.

Cindy's extensive background in Las Vegas 's hospitality sector earned the Inn a spot on the Select Registry - a distinction less than 5% of all American Bed and Breakfasts can claim.


And they have not gone unnoticed nationally with Pauley DiMeo checking in to add the Inn to his new show, "Second Shot".

You may recognize him from Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition.

In fact... much of their bushiness is from out of town, making room for another goal this year.

"One of the things we didn't do real well was get out here locally to people in the Roanoke Valley area. And so we're hoping that the show brings us notoriety and hopefully this event tonight will get locals to know us and to use us," said Keith.

"Second Shot" is set to run beginning in May on the RLTV Network.