Roads Very Slick in Lovingston

Lovingston, VA - This area has seen sleet coming down off and on all day; it seems like there have been pockets of bad weather coming and going. Early Sunday morning the weather was calm. By mid-morning sleet came down steadily and ice formed on car windshields and parking lots.

VDOT trucks have been working all day to keep roads safe but it is still best to stay at home if you can.
Across the mountain at Wintergreen, conditions are much worse, and more slick in the higher elevations. McDonald's and a few other restaurants in Lovingston did not open today. Staff says that is because many of the employees live in the Wintergreen area.
There were some people who braved the weather and went to gas stations to stock up on last minute items.
"It's already slick coming up that hill, so there's liable to be some traffic deals up here that's why I'm going to get off the road," said
ABC 13 spoke to Nelson County Dispatch and they say it has been pretty quiet today; they have had four accidents called in so far and they have all been minor. They say the best advice is to not get on the roads if you can help it, and if you must, drive with caution.