Roads Mostly Clear in Lynchburg, Refreezing a Concern

Lynchburg, VA - The roads are clear for the most part in Lynchburg following the snow storm.

Schools did close because the snow was still coming down in morning. Officials say there were slushy spots on backroads, and they didn't want to take a chance with the buses.

An AEP lineman made repairs after cutting a tree off lines on Wards Ferry Road. The ground was just too wet for the tree to stand, and the roads too wet for snow to stick.

"But at the same time that had some positive effects. With it being wetter underneath and the wet snow it did move well once we started pushing for the conditions," said VDOT's Paula Jones.

Jones says Lynchburg was the easiest spot on the map for crews.

"This was a very easy one. Mother Nature is our best friend when temperatures warm up above freezing and the snow does not stick to the roadway. That's good for everyone."

Dave Owen, Lynchburg's public works director, sent his crews home just before noon to sleep.

"Overnight we brought in our spreaders and our operators and we put down salt on the primaries and secondaries. That was between 2 and 5 anticipating you know that the snow would continue and stick to the roadways."

Where snow didn't stick, ice likely will with dropping temperatures. VDOT is already salting the front steps at the Lynchburg Headquarters and the roads are next.

"Our crews are on 12 hour shifts now and will continue on 12 hour shifts," said Jones.

"I plan to go home shortly and also get some sleep," said Owens.

City crews will be back on the roads at 9 p.m.