Black Ice Could Form Overnight

Lynchburg, VA - The roads in, out, and around Lynchburg have looked good all day Friday.

But come Saturday, looks might very well be deceiving.

Re-freezing could be a big problem in some spots.

The clear skies today, all that sunshine, leading to clear ice on our roads.

Friday, the day after the snow and Paula Jones is just now digging her car out in the parking lot of V-DOT's Lynchburg headquarters.

Jones, the agency's spokeswoman when the roads get slick, practiced what she preaches by sleeping in her office Thursday night.

"If you don't have to travel, give it one more day," she says.

And what an absolute difference this day has made: the sun.

As the sun shines in all directions, traffic moves North, South, East and West.

And so do the city's trucks and plows.

Even the neighborhood roads are now passable... although slushy.

Lynchburg Public Works Director Dave Owen says his crews are mostly spot checking, looking for ice.

"Anywhere you have streets that are tree covered, with trees overhanging, as well as streets that are over creeks," said Owen. "Low lying areas. Those typically may have ice patches formation."

Out here on the streets, black pavement which paves the way for black ice, something you can't see.

"There's a strong possibility that anything that melted and ran across the road will freeze," said Owen. "You come across that in a higher speed, you're going to have some problems."

Like the drivers of the cars left all over our roads after Thursday night.

Snow squall turned snow stall.

State Police had an extremely busy night on our roads last night.

They had more than 1,000 calls for service throughout our viewing area.

About 230 of those calls were for crashes and there were more than 170 stranded vehicles.