Logging Truck Accident Shuts Down Route 60 in Amherst County

Truck Overturned on Route 60

Update:10:30 p.m.

Amherst Co. VA- Amherst County officials say Route 60 is reopened to traffic.


Amherst Co., VA - Slick conditions along the Blue Ridge Parkway forced public safety officials to shut down several miles of Route 60 Wednesday.

A logging truck flipped over and backed up a handful of other truckers waiting to get through.

It made clearing snow off Long Mountain an uphill battle for VDOT crews.

At least a half dozen tractor trailers found themselves stuck. Among them, Ellwood Mays, who had been waiting with his load for two hours.

"Once I got to the mountain, I got to having trouble and jackknifed in a curve. So, I just locked it down and let it sit til help came," Ellwood said, as he waited for his son to pick him up.

Because this snow is so heavy, the concern in Amherst County is with falling tree limbs. That's apparently what caused a logging truck to roll over on Route 60.

"As you go up and down 60 through here on the mountain, each pass you make you see another limb coming across the road. And that's again the risk and the danger as the day goes on," said Public Safety Director Gary Roakes.

Amherst County saw between two and four inches of snow on average. But on Long Mountain, we measured a total of nine inches.

VDOT plans to re-open the road by some time Wednesday evening.

Truckers like Charlie Hunt are just looking forward to getting on their way.

"I left Buckingham County about 9 o'clock this morning," Hunt said, sitting behind the wheel of his big rig.


Update 10:45 a.m.:

Amherst Co., VA - Officials say there has been another logging truck accident on Route 60 west in Amherst County.

The accidents happened on Route 60 near Coffeytown Road, which is about four miles east of Buena Vista.

Route 60 is closed from Buffalo Springs Turnpike to the Rockbridge County line in both directions.


Amherst Co., VA - Amherst County officials say Route 60 west is closed due to a logging truck accident Wednesday morning.

They say a logging truck overturned by Buena Vista.

Avoid the area if possible.

Officials also say Route 130 was temporarily closed in Amherst County due to downed trees. The area has now been cleared.

Updates to come.