Roads Becoming Slick As Temperatures Begin to Fall

Lynchburg, VA - The intensity of the snow was pretty heavy most of the afternoon on Sunday, but it wasn't until around 3 p.m. that it started sticking to the roads.

Lynchburg Public Works says they were hoping to only have to treat the bridges and low lying areas, but then they changed to plan B.

"We were actually hoping to not have to treat the major roads, but mother nature has a way of telling us what we will and what we will not do," said Dave Owen, Director of Lynchburg Public Works.

At a gas station along route 460, motorist noticed the quick change in the road conditions.

We spoke to two motorists only about 10 minutes apart, but they had very different experiences.

"They really aren't that bad at all, we just came through some mountains, I couldn't tell you what they were, but it wasn't bad through there either," said Randy Coleman, who was traveling during the snow storm.

"Ten minutes ago it was kind of rainy and now it is starting to stick, so the roads are becoming slushier then than were, but were trying to get home as fast as we can," said Brett Bussert, who was also traveling during snow storm.

Public works says they will be treating the roads throughout Sunday night and into the morning. If 2 inches or more of snow accumulate, then they will begin plowing the roads.