Road Changes at Memorial and Park Avenues Cause Confusion

Lynchburg, VA - One part of the Midtown Connector Project is causing some concern for Lynchburg drivers. It is the area at the intersection of Park and Memorial Avenues.

It is the result of a shift in the traffic pattern. If you are driving on Memorial Avenue, and E.C. Glass is on your right hand side, the left lane is for left turns only now. The right lane is for through movement or right turns. Three weeks ago, it was the opposite.

"It's very confusing and it almost causes wrecks," said driver Mary Parr.

Parr says it nearly happened to her.

"Driving though one day and a car pulled over in front of us," said Parr.

"We've seen increased efficiency through the intersection because of this improvement." said City of Lynchburg Engineering Project Manager John "J.P." Morris.

Morris says the city changed the traffic pattern for two reasons: The detour on Langhorne Road and the Midtown Connector Project.

"We haven't had any complaints on the change in pattern," said Morris.

At least not written complaints, but driver after driver we stopped had their own opinions.

"I just think the city could find better ways to spend their money," said driver Jarrett Tyree. "It's been working for years. I don't see what's wrong with it now."

The city says things are going to look like this for the next six to 10 months, and officials say it is the driver's responsibility to pay attention to marked signs.

"Work zones are subject to traffic changes. It's the nature of a construction project. So be sure to pay attention to these signs," said Morris.

According to Lynchburg Police records, there has not been one accident on this road since the change was made.

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