Riverside Produce and Plants Gives Tips On Choosing a Perfect Christmas Tree

Danville, VA- It is officially December and lots of people have started their holiday shopping. If you celebrate Christmas, and if you have not done so already, it may be time to start thinking about buying a Christmas tree.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when shopping for a tree. Neal Oakes from Pittsylvania County has been selling Christmas trees for 20 years. He has some tips to make sure the Christmas tree you choose is a perfect fit for your home and will last the whole Christmas season.

"You can tell how busy we are," said Oakes. We hardly have time to eat."

It's that time of the year again. Time to start decorating for the season.

Of course, one of the main attractions in a home during the holidays is the Christmas tree. But how do you make sure your tree is perfect for your home?

Neal Oakes has lots of experience in the Christmas tree business. He works at Riverside Produce and Plants in Danville.

"The first thing you need to know is how tall your ceiling is," said Oakes. "That's the thing that determines what size tree you want."

Next, he said be sure to look closely at the tree's needles. If they are turning brown, stay away. Also, run your fingers through them.

"If you pull off and you look back, all you have is a stem, that tree is very unsafe, you put it in a house, it'll cause a fire real quick," said Oakes.

Riverside Produce and Plants said they can't stress enough, if you want your Christmas tree to last this season, they said you have to water it at least once or twice a day.

"You can forget it one day, and it dries up. You can put all the water in it you want to, it's going to quit taking water," said Oakes.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy a real or artificial tree, many say it is a matter of cost and beauty.

"The pros to a real tree is that it tend to look better," said Thomas Rice, who was purchasing a tree at Riverside Produce and Plants.

But when he was asked which is more cost effective, he said, "The fake tree because you can use it again and again."

"It's up to the individual," said Oakes.

To prevent a fire, make sure when your Christmas tree is up, it's not around a heat source.

Also, make sure the decorative lights bulbs are safe for your tree.

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