Rivermont Residence Brings Art to Community

Lynchburg, VA - The large brick mansion on Rivermont Avenue has had many purposes over the years, and now it's filled with art once again as the Keep Colony.

The grand mansion was built in 1909, and has served as a home as the The Seven Hills Folk School in the 1950s and then the Virginia School of the Arts until that closed in 2011.

Last June, it got new life, reopening as an artists' residence.

"It's a good experience living with the people that you already kinda hang out with anyways," said Megan Jenkins, who lives in the Keep Colony.

Ten people currently live there and contribute though many art forms: Gardening, baking, furniture making, photography, and art studios to name a few.

The gym is always open and they hold yoga and cross fit classes there. It also holds shows for local music talent and can be rented for special occasions.

"I'm actually living, day in and day out with people that I consider my family now," said Matt Addington, the co-owner of the Keep Colony.

The Keep is able to contribute back into the community. The furniture made there is sold at local shops downtown.

Megan is able to sell her baked goods to coffee shops, and the property on Rivermont is maintained and staying beautiful.

"Being able to walk through the house and see all of these creative endeavors happening and seeing all my friends actualizing their dreams is a pretty cool thing and its something that we hold in high esteem and value here."

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