River District Festival Bigger, Better Than Ever

Danville, VA -- It's the second year of the Danville River District Festival. But this year is not like the last. In fact, it is now bigger and better than ever.

The River District Festival is combined with the Children's Festival this year. Last year, they only held it on one day, and now it's Friday and Saturday.

"We have a lot of great things and we just need to celebrate them," said Wendi Goods Everson, Coordinator for River District Festival.

Barrels and construction line Main Street in Danville and blocks away, crews work to transform downtown.

"About bringing the community together to promote the River and celebrate it, to promote all of the businesses in the River District and the growth of the River District," said Everson.

The city will host everything from a concert and talent show to a chance to try trapeze. All sorts of events await along Main Street and the entire River District.

"It lets you know that the city is growing and that they are caring about the population. They are trying to find new and exciting activities to stimulate the growth of the community," said Matthew Altbech, President of Aerial Trapeze Academy.

"You get people downtown, you get people socializing together, people coming together seeing downtown, being a part of what is happening down there and that's what we are trying to do," said Lee Vogler, Councilman.

River District Festival Coordinators say the festival has continued to grow with downtown. And they hope this event will shine a new light on a new River District.

"Many people believe that downtown is the heart of the community and if we invest in it, it will be a place for people to come," said Everson.

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