Ridgeway Rescue Squad Finds Mold In Building

Henry Co., VA -- The Ridgeway Rescue Squad's building in Henry County is nearing a crisis situation. That's if the mold problem they've found isn't fixed.

Last year during renovations to their kitchen, the Rescue Squad noticed some mold behind the cabinets. Then they discovered it actually is within the sheetrock of much of their basement, which is used for their kitchen, workout area, and meeting room.

It is so bad, that it is considered a health risk to even be in that area, so they aren't using the basement right now. Because it will be costly, they are asking the Board of Supervisors tomorrow night for some help with the costs.

"The repairs, the renovations, and the remediation, we are looking at 350-400,000 dollars. So we are just looking at this to assist a net repair," said Darren Lockridge, president of Ridgeway Rescue Squad.

They are hoping to get $95,000 from the Board. The rest they will get from grants and loans.