Ridgeway Man Believes To Know Where Treasure Is

Danville, VA - A Ridgeway man says he knows how to find a hidden treasure in Danville's National Cemetery.

Some may have heard the tale about Confederate gold buried in the cemetery.
Albert Atwell has been trying to uncover it for decades. He says with a friend, they have decoded markings on several trees throughout the cemetery, and it leads them to a particular grave where Atwell believes several maps are hidden, leading to the gold.
Atwell hopes to get permission to dig for the map. He says once he gets the maps, he believes they will lead him to trillions of dollars.
"We want it recovered, we don't want it to fall in the hands of people that would just take the money and waste it," said Atwell.
When asked what he would do with the money, Atwell says he will use it to pay off the national debt.

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