'Ride With the Chief Day' in Bedford Co.

Bedford, VA -The Bedford City Police Department and Bedford County Parks and Rec teamed up for 'Ride With the Chief Day.'

They invited anyone in the community to join in riding through the city and along the trails Friday afternoon.

Chief Jim Day is an active cyclist himself. He also wanted to promote safety within the cycling community, as he was hit while riding his bike last month.

"We wanna have people aware that cyclists are on the road. I have first-hand experience of what a collision with a car is like. So, I want everybody...cyclists to be aware of cars and car to be aware of cyclists," said Day.

"Fun way to promote awareness, safety, alternative forms of transportation...however you wanna celebrate national bike month, this is one of the ways to do it," said Kenny Palmer, a Bedford County Trail specialist.

If you missed Friday's event, there are other ways to get involved in cycling in Bedford. A mountain biking class just started up on Thursdays at Falling Creek Park.

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