Richmond Coach Danny Rocco Talks About Facing Former Team LU

Richmond - Liberty Flames players admitted Tuesday that facing former head coach Danny Rocco Saturday night at Richmond will be an emotional game. Here's what Rocco and the Spiders were saying Wednesday afternoon in Richmond.

Danny Rocco, RICHMOND SPIDERS HEAD COACH, said "We know a lot about their personnel. It's kind of interesting to watch the opponent and to be able to sit there and call everybody out by name instead of by jersey number. It's really a unique situation and experience, and that could be a plus for us. It should be somewhat of an advantage for us to know their personnel. They know a lot more about our philosophies and our systems and our communication."

Reggie Barnette, SPIDERS DEFENSIVE BACK, said "Well he's a lot more intense this week. I think he knows their team well and so do our assistant coaches."
Austin Gund, SPIDERS OFFENSIVE LINEMAN, said "Yes I mean I guess you could say there's a little bit more intensity and we now have a little bit more background information about the guys. But at the end of the day, it's still just a football game. Still just a game we've got to go out and win."