Richmond Leaders Hope to Re-Create Lynchburg Grows

Richmond city leaders meeting with Lynchburg Grows on Wednesday

Lynchburg, VA - Local delegates and city leaders from the state capital came to Lynchburg on Wednesday to learn how to re-create a similar model of Lynchburg Grows in Richmond.

They hoped to take what they learn and incorporate it in to helping revitalize their community.

They anticipate with this project that it will help increase job employment and fruits and vegetables in Richmond.

"We have what you would refer to as a food desert and we have some other challenges at the same time, we heard about Will Allen and we heard about Lynchburg Grows and we thought that might hold some answers for us," said Cynthia Newbille, Richmond's 7th district councilwoman.

Lynchburg Grows' mission is to help disadvantaged people to enjoy and have access to the healthy benefits of gardening.