Retired DMV Officer Receives Award

Roanoke, VA - A retired DMV officer from the Roanoke Valley has received a very prestigious national award for his work on traffic safety issues.

Steve Goodwin, who founded the Blue Ridge Regional Crash Investigation Team, was presented with the J. Stannard Baker Award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Goodwin's 46-year career started as Vinton's first detective and ended as the DMV Program Manager.

While dozens of law enforcement officials were on hand to congratulate Goodwin, he used the opportunity to give everyone else the credit.

"I'm most proud of these guys. We were able to do things in southwest Virginia that they couldn't accomplish in other parts of the state," award winner Steve Goodwin said.

Goodwin's other well recognized program, YOVASO, was presented in 96 high schools and 16 middle schools across the Commonwealth last school year.