Residents Speak Out About Reversion

Bedford, VA - An unexpected turnout Monday night in Bedford for the public hearing on reversion.

Just a handful of people spoke. The process would change Bedford from a city to a town. One resident who spoke says low turnout could be an indication of the feeling many have there, that this is a done deal...and a public hearing like the one Monday night is a formality.
The Commission on Local Government held Monday night's public hearing. It's their job to figure out if reversion is in the best interest of the Commonwealth. Supporters say reversion would be great for economic development and help the schools.
"It would avoid some of the issues that we already have. Example, one division having more say over schools than the other," said Bedford City Schools Chair Phyllis Parker. But, some hate the idea.
Greg Markham says new boundaries would divide his family farm. "A significant portion of farmland will be taken in to the city and be called an urban area. Again, I don't think that should be automatic," said Bedford resident Greg Markham.
The commission on local government will have their reports completed by the end of July.