Residents Say Trucks on Tracks are a Common Occurrence

Lynch Station, VA - Folks in Campbell County, who live feet from where a train hit a tractor trailer on Friday, are speaking out.

They say the intersection in Lynch Station where the crash occurred is a common spot for trucks to bottom out, so it was a matter of time before something like this happened.

The final scraps of crumpled metal were removed from the Campbell County train crossing this weekend.

For residents nearby, the realization has finally set in, they're incredibly lucky this accident wasn't any worse.

Dwayne Barley is no stranger to train tracks, "I've lived on train tracks all my life but never seen nothing like that" he said.

Friday he watched from behind the wheel of his car as a freight train ripped through a tractor trailer trapped on this crossing.

"It picked the truck up probably about three feet and just exploded through it. I had my 13 year old son with me" he said.

The crossing clearly warns drivers of large trucks well ahead of time that they cannot pass over the tracks. Numerous signs riddle the road ways leading to it. The banking along the crossing is too steep and as was the case Friday, large trucks, will likely bottom out.

"There are signs everywhere, but they still come through here" said Barley.

"There's another way, they can come down Leesville and circle all the way around" said Jay Tilton.

Tilton has lived across from the crossing for only a month. In that time he's seen two trucks get stuck on the crossing that sits in front of his home.

"Maybe even like a tanker truck with fuel, blowing up and catching the place on fire or something, we are concerned about that" said Tilton.

"Friday night was a matter of bad timing, and it was just a matter of time before this happened. I'm just very glad that no one was hurt or injured" said Tom Blanks.

Blanks has watched it happen time and time again. He snapped a photo from his phone, years ago of a tractor trailer carrying cars that got stuck for more than three hours.

"It's something just about every week a truck tries to come across the tracks, some make it, some don't" he said.

Friday's accident held up freight, and Amtrak passenger trains for hours.

The driver of that tractor trailer has been charged with improper stopping on a highway. No one was injured in Friday's accident. Occurrence