Residents Say Multiple Power Outages Leave Them Feeling Powerless

Campbell Co., VA- Many people have lost power due to the recent snow storm. One street of houses in Concord has been dealing with outages all week.

Folks on Spicer Road lost power twice in three days. Several residents say they lost power Tuesday night for several hours. They say they lost it again Thursday night, and it didn't come back on until Friday morning. One resident, Denise Holker, says losing her power so frequently has her feeling powerless.

The simple flick of a switch doesn't mean much, until it doesn't work.

"All of a sudden it flickered on and off a couple times and then went out," said Denise Holker.

She and her family have gotten into a routine of sorts this week. After losing power Tuesday and Thursday night, they know the drill.

"Rush around, find the candles, find the flashlights."

But, an outage for them means losing more than just electricity.

"Once the power goes out here, we lose everything--the electrical and water," Holker said.

She says water is the hardest to do without.

"If it's cold you can put clothes on and stuff, but the water is a problem."

No water to drink, to wash hands, or even flush a toilet. That's where her stock-pile of water jugs comes in handy.

"I've even got dates on them so I know when I've filled them last," she said.

But when the power goes out, Holker's water doesn't last long. She says they use half a container to flush a toilet just once.

"It's not very nice but you have to do what you have to do," she said.

Though she has a sense of humor about the situation, the recent outages have Holker a bit on edge.

"Whenever the lights flicker it's like uh oh, here we go again. It's kind of a bit nerve wracking."

And that's understandable, because it's no fun being plunged into darkness. And no matter how many candles and flashlights she has, she says, "When the lights goes out in this neighborhood it's pitch black."

We did speak with Todd Burns, the spokesperson for Appalachian Power. He says power outages happen for many different reasons. He says they're looking into the outages on Spicer Road and they'll be hard at work restoring power to their customers over the weekend.