Residents Rescued During Overnight Roanoke Valley Flooding

Salem, VA - A dozen people are safe on dry land Thursday night after they were rescued during the height of flooding overnight.

Those rescues happened in Salem where the Roanoke River finally crested around 3 a.m.

The last of those rescues happened around 2:30 a.m. The firefighters work 24 hour shifts and are here ready with the boat if the waters were to rise again.

Her last name is Waters, but it's the last thing Sarah wanted to see. The young mother had already had a rough day.

She had just gotten home from the ER with her child when the water got rough.

"Was here for about an hour, had to evacuate, carrying a 2-year-old child out in knee deep water," said Waters.

"We noticed it was moving at a pretty good pace," said Tony Rickman with Swift Water Rescue,

The Swift Water Rescue team was in a race against time and Mason's Creek starting around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

"Had an active rescue in progress, had to get on the road quick."

They'd have 11 more rescues before it was all said and done. Four of those were by boat.

"The water was too deep for the team member to go in, so they took the boat to their residence," said Lt. Mike Elston, Swift Water Rescue.

By the time Sarah got home, the water was gone taking the underpinning with it.

"There's trash and everything underneath my trailer. The water came into my bathroom, but other than that, everything is looking good," said Waters.

The water over by Sarah's place rose briefly again after a heavy rain Thursday afternoon. But fortunately it's stayed pretty quiet here at the firehouse with no one needing to be rescued.