Residents React to New Charge Against Former Sheriff

Reporter: David Tate

Rocky Mount, VA - The Franklin County community is reacting Thursday after former Sheriff Ewell Hunt is once again charged with criminal misconduct.

Wednesday, State police announced Hunt was charged with one count of misconduct by an elected official, charges that stem from the Memorial Day killing of Jennifer Agee allegedly by one of Hunt's former deputies.

Linda Trexler spends a lot of time dealing with the public and is quite familiar with the issues surrounding former Sheriff Ewell Hunt's newest criminal charge.

To most people she talks to, the charge was not unexpected.

"From those I do speak with, they're not surprised by the charges because I think that given the day of the terrible situation, they're not surprised because of the events and how they were shared with the public," said Trexler.

However others in town like Sam Rankin believed that, post election and post civil settlement, all was said and done.

"I'm surprised that it's happened after it seemed like it was all over and all of a sudden he's charged again," said Rankin.

While the new charge is quietly being spoken about around town, many folks hadn't heard and many others didn't care.

Just the way Trexler describes how she's hearing things.

"As I go through different places in the community, I don't hear the topic discussed too much; I hear it some," said Trexler.

Surprised or not, Trexler says most people she talks to are like her: Proud Franklin County residents who are ready to move forward.

A community's voice already heard last November when Hunt was handily voted out of office.

"We're looking to the future and know that this time will pass," said Trexler.

Hunt was also indicted for misconduct back in 2009 over issues involving poor record keeping at the Sheriff's Department. That was dropped the following year for a lack of evidence.

Hunt's first court date for this charge is set for July 11.