Residents React to Centra Pulling Proposal for New Facility

Lynchburg, VA- The debate about rezoning a piece of land in the Boonsboro area of Lynchburg is over. Centra had proposed moving its Internal Medical Practice from their current location on Thompson Drive, to the intersection of Boonsboro and Irvington Springs Roads.

This weekend they sent out a letter to residents saying they were no longer considering the site for their facility.

The whole proposal has been a pretty hot topic --a lot of neighbors were dead-set against it. But some were starting to warm up to the idea. So now residents are either claiming victory, or dealing with disappointment.

"I was actually disappointed when I got the letter that said they were not going to pursue relocating here," said Vikki Keller, a Boonsboro resident.

"We were not very excited about the proposal to begin with," said Tammy Perdue, another Boonsboro resident.

Tammy Perdue and Vikki Keller may live on the same side of Irvington Springs Road, but they were on opposite sides of the debate.

"I thought it through and I decided it would be more beneficial than not," said Keller.

Keller thought the proposed location would have been convenient.

"Most of the doctors that served their practice, as well as the patients, are in this general area."

Perdue disagreed.

"I think there's other areas in Lynchburg that would benefit from having a facility closer to them, areas that may have more problems with access to care than Boonsboro," said Perdue.

Whether Centra takes that advice or not, remains to be seen. All we know now is that Centra is, "currently evaluating other options for the relocation of the Lynchburg Internal Medical Practice."

But just like the original proposal, their change in heart about the Boonsboro location has definitely been met with mixed reactions.

"I thought that the doctors and the architects carefully thought through their plan," said Keller.

"It is relatively quiet and we'd like to keep it that way," said Perdue.

Centra's Internal Medicine Practice did look into the costs of renovating its current location, but they still feel that re-locating would be the best option.