Residents Left to Clean Up Damage From Quick But Fierce Storm

Bedford Co., VA- The cleanup from Thursday's storms is well underway for some. The storm may have only lasted minutes, but the rebuilding process for some could take months. Though some homes didn't weather the storm, residents are just glad to still have family by their side.

As quick as it came, it was gone, leaving in its wake downed power lines, uprooted trees, and shaken residents.

"I was getting frantic because I couldn't find her. And the tree was nothing, I couldn't find my dog," said Teresa Henderson, who had a tree fall on her deck.

Trees were blown down like matchsticks onto roads and into homes. Some were luckier than others. Teresa Henderson came home to a tree on her back deck, surprised at its perfect placement.

"You can't get a sheet of paper between the limbs and the glass, I mean it just literally stoppedThere's no leaks inside, there's no glass broken which is a miracle," she said.

But her biggest relief was the moment she saw her dog Sadie, come trotting towards her from behind the debris.

"She finally came out from under my shed and I got her and got her in the house," said Henderson.

Henderson wasn't home when her tree fell, but the Browns were.

"It was very loud and the house shook so I knew something had happened," said Tasha Brown, who had a tree fall on her house.

"I told her just to go to the back of the basement and get in a room and just get down and you'll be fine," said Tasha's husband, David.

Tasha and her daughters huddled in a corner of their basement, while above them, a tree came crashing into their home.

"I really didn't think it was that bad, but when I saw the tree through the bedroom and on through the other side of the bedroom, it was bad," said David.

Another storm, another high wind house casualty--but it's different when trouble falls so close to home.

"You never think things can happen to you but they do, and when they do we just have to all pull together and we'll get through this," said David.

The Browns say they thank the media for giving them so many warnings about the storms. They say all of our coverage gave them a heads up to take cover out of harm's way.