Residents Have Questions About Local Impact of Sequestration

Lynchburg, VA- Many people in our area are wondering how the so called Sequester will affect us here in Central Virginia, because there is really a lot of uncertainty surrounding these cuts.

Right now there seems to be more questions than answers.

Mayor Mike Gillette says that Congress's failure to make a deal will not directly impact the City of Lynchburg's budget, but it could impact the city indirectly.

For example, if the businesses in our area, who depend on Federal Defense Contracts, experience a slow down, then they could be forced to furlough or even lay off workers.

Also, if the work force is making less money, then tax revenue in our area could suffer.

Something Mayor Gillette says the city could feel down the road.

"I think the best estimates out of the federal government indicate a half of percent drag on the economy overall in terms of GDP. Which means in an economy that is only growing 2 to 2.5 percent anyways, you take a half of percent growth out of that, we could feel that," said Gillette.

Many local citizens also expressed concern over the Washington gridlock, and how it will affect people locally.

"I'm worried about the elderly plus our soldiers first, then I would say the elderly is next, because the Meals on Wheels will probably be cut, things that they can't go out and do for themselves," said Pat Burton, a Lynchburg citizen.

Delegate Scott Garrett says that if tax revenue in Northern Virginia, that is allocated for statewide use, is cut then in the future, there could be less state funding that is sent to our area.