Residents Clean Up After Storm, Thankful It Wasn't Worse

Spout Spring, VA - Despite the widespread damage, residents were in good spirits Friday, thankful for cooler temperatures, the cleanup and that it wasn't any worse.

Ronnie Carter attends Old Concord Presbyterian Church in Spout Spring. Carter says an 200-year-old tree looked solid from the outside. If the 11 members had only known it was rotten on the inside, they would have cut it down.

"It was the only tree that was close enough to our building to do us harm and the storm took it down," he said.

It would take a crane to lift it up off of the roof after it was knocked down during Thursday's storm.

"A lot of spectators a lot of folks have been by, especially when the crane was here. They were interested in that you know. They stopped by and parked out there and watched the guys lift the tree up off the building," said Carter.

Up the road in Lynchburg, resident Max Bunnell said he has seen worse. Last year's derecho sent a tree crashing into the mobile home next door. Bunnell is part of a six man cleanup crew that has plenty of practice with chainsaws.

"We've got a good group of guys to help us out and we got chainsaws and stuff, so bring it on," said Bunnell.

But Carter has no fear.

"They say if the Lord brings you to it, he'll bring you through it," said Carter.

Fortunately, the church was untouched in the storm. Members say they'll be there Sunday morning giving thanks to the Lord that no one was hurt.