Resident Recounts 'Bizarre' Morning After SUV Crashes Into Roanoke Co. Home

Roanoke Co., VA - For the second day in a row, a driver has left a road and crashed into a house. The driver of an SUV did major damage to two homes Friday morning.

Officials say the driver had a medical condition and passed out.

The SUV smashed through Jan Hoffman's guest bedroom, jumping a four foot ditch before coming to rest in the basement of the home on the neighboring street.

Hoffman taught Glenvar High School students for 30 years and is used to some calamity but nothing like the calamity she awoke to right around 6 a.m.

"I just hear a loud crash, thud... you know, whatever," said Hoffman. "And I sat up. I go "Wow!" And so I got out of bed really quickly."

At first she thought it was a plane. Her neighbor told her otherwise.

"Jan, Jan, are you alright?!" And I said, 'Yeah, yeah, I'm fine... Is there a car?' (He said) "It's over the hill... ditch," she said.

The SUV plowed through the bedroom and smack into the neighbor's finished basement, slightly injuring the driver.

"He passed out. He was dizzy then he doesn't remember anything," said Hoffman.

Five hours later, the crews were busy figuring out how to get the vehicle out of the house. Turns out, getting it out was a lot easier than it went in.

For Hoffman, the whole incident is surreal - as the last thing she saw before going to bed is the same thing she woke up to.

"That I saw that on the news last night and today I'm part of it, unfortunately. I know... it is bizarre," said Hoffman.