Republican and Democratic Volunteers Make Big Push Before Election

Danville, VA-- There are two main ways volunteers get their word out. They go canvassing, which means going door to door giving information, and they make phone calls.

Bernard Baker has been volunteering for a couple of months organizing canvassing at the Danville Obama Campaign Headquarters.

"I just tell them my name's Bernard and I'm a volunteer with the Obama campaign here in Danville and I think it's every important for them to support the president and we'd have a conversation," Baker said.

Baker and other volunteers believe hitting the streets is crucial, especially this close to election day.

"The last couple of days I'm going to be working at least 10 to 12 hour shifts, but it's worth it," Baker said.

"Person to person canvassing, making phone calls, those types of things are so critical especially for the voters out there that aren't sure about who to vote for," said Susan Douglass. "I can't imagine who they are but I'm sure there are people out there that are still on the fence."

Both the Republican and Democratic volunteers say they are seeing a lot more people helping out in this election.

"We definitely we have a huge amount of people going door to door because people are genuinely concerned about the way this country is going," said Republican volunteer Ryan Comper.

And volunteer Ryan Comper says it's passion pushing them to the finish line.

"I can usually do two or three neighborhoods, I've done 1231 doors in one day," said Comper.

"Re-electing our president is my number one priority," Baker said.

Volunteers said a couple months ago they were focusing more on getting people to vote for who they want in office. But now , they're mainly making sure people have a way to get to the polls, and to bring the right information with them.