Report on Region 2000's Economy

Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - People got a good insight into our area's economy Tuesday morning at Region 2000's annual report breakfast.

Dr. Fletcher Mangum of Mangum Economic Consulting went over his findings of the past year. He says Central Virginia went into the recession later, and now we're coming out of it later.

His report also included that 1/3 of Lynchburg residents leave the city to work in jobs in the surrounding counties. The unemployment rate in Region 2000 is at 6.5 %.

Executive Director Bryan David is looking at the unemployment issue realistically.

"We are still very much on the positive side on job creation but really isn't where we should be in order to get a lot of folks that need jobs back," said David.

David says Region 2000 relies a lot on national issues. Once those are settled, we will start to see a stronger turnaround.