Repairs Coming to Railroad Crossing in Appomattox

Appomattox, VA - A lot of people started complaining that a railroad crossing in Appomattox was damaging their cars. Now, it's set for a tune up.

They say this railroad crossing is so rough, it's actually misaligned some cars and caused front end damage to others. Many are looking forward to a smoother road ahead.

Courtstreet crossing is a popular place in Appomattox.

"We get a lot of traffic over there in the course of a day," said Bill Gillespie.

And it's not easily avoidable. It connects the residential area to the business district. It hasn't been repaired in the last 10 or 15 years.

"It goes up then drops down, Up then drops down. It does it six times coming across," said Gillespie.

"It wasn't always that bad, but lately it has gotten a lot worse," said Susan Kadas.

Kadas owns Absolute Perfection in Appomattox and every day, several times a day.she crosses these tracks.

"It's like a roller coaster. It's not fun, it makes you bounce all over the place, it will certainly wake you up."

Gillespie says the damage isn't so much from the cars and trains that cross it, but more so what's falling down on it. He says the rain seeps into the pavement, the water then freezes and expands, which pushes the blacktop up."

"Then you have probably a 2-inch drop from the top of the track to the gravel and that's what causes the bump and the damage to the vehicles.'

On Monday, Appomattox town council agreed to request Norfolk Southern repair the road.

Kadas is counting the days.

"That'll be a relief, for me and the car."

The crossing is mostly hard on cars that are low to the ground like Kadas'. Norfolk Southern has agreed to do the repair, and Gillespie says construction could begin as early as April.