Renovations Begin on the Rustburg Home of Paralyzed Father

Rustburg, VA - Jamie Johnson is paralyzed from the waist down following a tragic car accident in North Carolina that took the life of his wife.

The father from Rustburg is battling a long road to recovery, but he needs a lot of help.

His house is not wheelchair accessible, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. His house needs repairs and remodeling to accommodate him, not to mention he has two children to raise now with no source of income.

The family was traveling from Myrtle Beach home to Virginia when their car was hit head-on by a tractor trailer. Holly Johnson, 26, was killed on impact. Her husband and two children were pulled from the wreckage.

Jamie Johnson, 29, is now unable to walk. But from that terrible tragedy, emerged hope and help.

"It's amazing to me, just so many pouring out their hearts" said Betty Denson, Jamie's mother-in-law.

Denson says since the accident there's been an outpouring of support; people wanting to help Jamie and his two young children.

"They'll give their labor, their time, if they give money, that's good too to help with things that need to be done" she said.

Already, volunteers have offered help in tackling the laundry list of repairs that need to happen to Jamie's home.

"Easily, could run $9,000- $11,000," said Chris Thomas, a relative of Jamie's heading up repairs to his house.

"This front door being so far off the ground, it's roughly four feet. He would have to come through the front door" he said.

Jamie's front door, a new deck and wheelchair ramp would cost $3,500.

Move inside and the work only continues. The kitchen floor was damaged during a move.

"It's going to have to be cut up and replaced" said Thomas.

It's a long road to recovery that will need a lot of work.

"I just felt God giving me a burden for them and you know to see this project through" said Thomas.

A relief concert at DeVault Vineyards in Concord has been set up that's scheduled for August 24. Also, a volunteer day to do construction on the house has been organized for August 10. If you would like to volunteer, or donate to help the Johnson family, Chris Thomas can be reached at (434) 665-5838.