Rep. Robert Hurt Votes in Chatham

Chatham, VA - The District 5 race is expected to be tight, and Congressman Robert Hurt made sure to get his vote in at a Chatham precinct Tuesday.

Hurt waited until his two young sons were out of school and off the school bus before he voted.

He says that this has been a hard-fought election, but he feels confident.

Earlier in the day, Hurt made one last campaign push in Fauquier County, and worked his way down the 5th District where he has seen lines outside polling places throughout the region.

"I think that shows that there is enthusiasm, I think it shows that people are interested in this race. I am hopeful and believe that Virginia is going to come through for Mitt Romney and for George Allen and so I'm excited about that," said Hurt.

Hurt will be at the Chatham Community Center Tuesday night awaiting the election results.