Rep. Michele Bachmann Returns To Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA - Representative Michele Bachmann visited the Vines Center on the campus of Liberty University to speak at the morning Convocation.

Political figures on the campaign trail are nothing new at Liberty. Senator Ted Cruz spoke on April 2nd, and Bachmann herself visited Lynchburg in 2011, when she was the party favorite for the Republican Presidential nomination, that eventually went to Mitt Romney. The Minnesota Republican, however, has said that she will not seek re-election to her House seat.

Speaking before a packed house, Bachmann challenged students to become strong servants first, before entering political life, saying that the right candidates are "...already somebody on the outside, then they come and share what they learn, when they come to Washington. That's the type that we need."

Bachmann also openly criticized President Obama's budget cuts to the Missile Defense System, warning students that threats like Russia and China are making "..a completely different world. The table is being reset. And don't think it doesn't come without consequences."

Liberty students, however, spoke favorably about Bachmann's character and faith. These are things that stood out to Liberty student Genevieve Estes, from Richmond, VA, who said that Bachmann was "..very strong in her faith, and it was really motivating."