Rep. Goodlatte on President's Roanoke Visit

Lynchburg, VA - Republicans say they aren't surprised President Obama is back in our area based off his record in 2008.

But Congressman Bob Goodlatte and others expect Mitt Romney to be a familiar face on the campaign trail in our area. Virginia is once again a battleground state.

Four years ago, President Obama stopped through Goodlatte's 6th district four times. Senator John McCain never did. But already, Goodlatte says it's a very good sign Romney has already been in the area twice.

McCain did the best in the 6th and 9th districts. So Goodlatte doesn't think Romney will cede the most Republican part of Virginia to the Democratic candidate.

As to what folks will hear from President Obama Friday, Goodlatte says he expects more jabs at Romney.

"I think it's a negative campaign because he does not have a positive message to share with voters about his first term in office, which I and many others hope will be his last term in office. The out of control government spending, the trillion dollar deficit," said Goodlatte.

Goodlatte says they are already seeing a lot of activity at the four Republican campaign centers in the 6th district. He says lots of people are getting registered to vote, some for the first time, because they see this as the most important election of their lifetime.