Renowned Bugler Performs Civil War Field Music

By: Tola AdamsonDanville, VA - Dozens of people gathered at the Veterans Memorial in Dan Daniel park in Danville on Sunday, to get insight about the lives of Civil War soldiers.They did so by learning about Civil War field music.The Danville Historical Society invited one of our nation's experts on military bugle calls, Jari Villanueva. He has participated in more than 5,000 ceremonies at the Arlington National Cemetery as a ceremonial trumpeter. On Sunday he played a concert of Civil War bugle calls and explained what each one meant. He said the calls regulated soldiers' duties on and off the battle field. "It Bugle calls were important on the battle field because it actually directed and maneuvered troops in battle," said Villanueva. In 2007, Villanueva was the first active duty military bugler to be inducted into the Buglers Hall of Fame.