Renovations Continue at Roanoke Regional Airport

Roanoke, VA - Officials at Roanoke Regional Airport say renovations there have passed the halfway point.

Wednesday morning, we got a look at some recently completed projects including the replacement of the first of two escalators and the installment of technology-driven docking stations. Several bathrooms have also been completed and there are new front doors.

For airport officials, this renovation has been years in the making, and once complete, will not only make travel easier but they will also help sell the Star City to out-of-town travelers.

"I want them to know that Roanoke has its act together. We're modern, we're going forward, you know. You get off the plane and see the beautiful mountains and in you come into a beautiful facility that says, "We are really proud of ourselves and we're glad to have you here," said Jacqueline Shuck of the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission.

The project is on time with a completion date set for July.