Remembering Two Victims in Route 29 Accident

Trooper DT Wilson

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Amherst Co., VA - We're learning more about the men and the trooper's recovery that has many people optimistic.

Trooper D-T Wilson has been moved out of the ICU. Meantime the family of Freddie Perutelli is preparing to bury him.

"Dan is the type of police officer who is in it for the right reason, to help people," said Sgt. James Hopkins, who works with Wilson.

In First Sergeant James Hopkins' 33 year-long career, he has never lost a trooper. But this crash brought him pretty close.

"It struck me pretty hard when I saw him laying in that hospital bed," said Hopkins.

Trooper Dan Wilson is recovering at Lynchburg General Hospital. His supervisor says the Lee County native and former National Guardsman is talking and in good spirits.

"Dan was here for a reason and we're all relieved of that," said Hopkins.

But for Freddie Perutelli's family, the crash is their worst nightmare come true. His former pastor, Jeff Worly, says they're finding solace in the way he lived his life.

"Freddie was one of the kindest, humblest people around," said Worly.

The Buckingham County man was a Deacon at Glory Baptist Church. He had two grown sons and a special little granddaughter.

"And the family shared this with me, yesterday for the first time she said 'Papa.' And that really touched their hearts," said Worly.

Two men. A chance encounter. And the power of the legacy we leave behind.

"To help people. And to make our society, his neighborhood and our community a better place to live," said Hopkins.

"Humble. That's the one word that comes to mind when you think of him. A good man," said Worly.

State police still have not released the name of the driver that hit the two men. Although they say charges are pending. Meanwhile, funeral arrangements have been made for Perutelli this Sunday at Glory Baptist Church in Appomattox. The service will begin at 2:00 p.m.