Lynchburg Red Cross Worker Goes Bald for Blood

Lynchburg, VA - Laura Dooley has spent the last two years working for the American Red Cross.

She knows going bald won't be enough to save her father-in-law, but she's hoping her story can save someone else.

To understand what brought Laura Dooley into the Turning Headz Salon in Wyndhurst, you have to understand the power of giving.

"Yesterday was for fear, today is for courage," Dooley said, sitting in a leather salon chair.

The American Red Cross says over 38,000 people every day need to donate blood to meet the needs of patients in this country.

As a blood donor recruitment representative for the American Red Cross, Dooley's already part of the solution. She organizes blood drives for nine counties around Lynchburg.

But it wasn't until her father-in-law was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and needed a blood transfusion, that brought her life's calling here.

"He is a blood recipient. And it did extend his life and improve his quality of life while he's going through this," Dooley explained.

Since donating blood is already a regular part of Dooley's routine, she called her friend, wanting to do something she's never done.

"I'm here today to get my head shaved!" Dooley said proudly, cracking a smile.

In a matter of a few minutes the job was done, the donation made.

"Actually, I thought it would hurt more," Dooley said, as the razor buzzed off her hair.

Before walking out of the salon, Dooley puts on a brave face because thinking about the time it will take for her hair to grow back is nothing compared to the cancer prognosis.

"You stop and think about, six months is a long time to grow your hair back out. But then again, my father-in-law's been given six months to live," Dooley added.

Next week, Dooley and her husband plan on driving to her father-in-law's house to surprise him with her shaved head.

She hopes others will consider donating blood in his honor.

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