Red Cross in Need of Blood Donors Over the Holiday Season

Lynchburg, VA - The American Red Cross is trying a new campaign to get donations up through the holidays.

The Red Cross is always in need of blood donors, but especially during the holiday season. They have launched their "Give Something That Means Something" campaign.

Red Cross workers said their blood supply really goes down over the winter months because people are traveling or are busy getting ready for the holidays. They also lose about 20% of their donor base when students go home for winter break. Red Cross workers are encouraging people to give a gift that will really help others.

"Blood is just such a useful gift. One person's donation can actually save three lives because platelets can be separated from red blood cells and plasma and so with an hour of your time you can potentially save three people," said Nathan Wittkanp who is the Executive Director of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross has a website specifically for blood donation. You can search for drives in your area and even make an appointment to donate. {}