Recovery Program in Martinsville Seeing Success With Participants

Martinsville, VA-- The month of September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, and one program in our area that deals with that has something to celebrate.

The Community Recovery Program in Martinsville works with people who are in early recovery from drugs and alcohol.

They said 71 % of participants in their program have remained sober.

Their 18-month program is free, and works with individuals on getting education, housing, employment and other areas situated during their recovery process.

"Relapse is what they say is a part of recovery," said Lisa Smith, Program Manager Community Recovery Program. "I don't like saying that, but they say that's what it is, and so the folks to come to us and are able to stay clean and sober. The ones who did relapse, relapse early on in the program, so we learn from that."

The program is funded by the Harvest Foundation.