Flooding Gives Recovery At St. John's A Setback

Lynchburg, VA - The heavy rain is causing flooding in parts of our viewing area. One new non-profit on Campbell Avenue in Lynchburg that was hoping to open, has water damage, and now may have to wait even longer. Recovery at St. John's was set to open their doors a year ago, but building code violations gave them a setback. All of the money they would have used to help people overcome addictions, they had to spend on repairs. After making the fixes and raising more money, the city gave them their official occupancy license last week, but Saturday's rain shed some light on even more repairs that are needed.

"We wanna be the baseline where they start from," said Danielle Kerschbamer who works at St. John's.

Recovery at St. John's has been trying to open their doors for four years, to help those who no one else is able to take and put them on a road to recovery.

"That person who's just getting out of jail or on the streets, or doesn't know what to do, they can come here," said Kerschbamer.

The non-profit currently houses four people; two staff members, and two, who staff say, are struggling with either drug abuse or homelessness.

"If you can imagine a person coming in off the street who wants to be sober. If you get below a certain level in your life, it's difficult to even get back up onto your knees, nevermind get up onto your feet, " said Greg Hand who lives and works at St. John's.

Now with their occupancy license from the city and building code violations corrected they can almost open their door, but the 50-year-old roof has left lots of water damage throughout the building.

"We need to get the roof repaired, and that makes sense. You fix the roof before you fix the walls," said Hand.

They cannot do it without help. Everything in the center has been donated, from the computers where those in need can apply for jobs, to the furniture and pictures on the walls. Their main need now is the roof and some heating oil.

"We're ramping up again as if we were starting from scratch," said Hand.

Recovery at St. John's hopes to be fully up and running by April.

To donate you can send a check to:

Recovery At St. John's

3500 Powhatan Street

Lynchburg, VA 24502.

The money is tax deductible. You can also stop by their office at that address.