Recount Likely in Virginia's Race for Attorney General

Lynchburg, VA - The margin of difference is so slim in the race for Virginia's Attorney General; Mark Herring's campaign is saying a recount is a must.

There are still some steps though before that can happen. Here's what you need to know: As of Wednesday, local electoral boards were still tallying and reporting provisional ballot numbers. Those are the votes with some sort of discrepancy that are given another post-Election Day look over.

The state has until November 25th to finalize the vote totals, and only then can an official recount be requested.

Republicans are hopeful that margin of victory for Mark Obenshain will continue to increase.

"He will be declared the winner and he will graciously accept the opportunity to serve as Attorney General. It'll be Mr. Herring's opportunity on November the 25th if he chooses to do so, to ask for a recount at that time" said Susan Oliver, a local Republican Attorney.

If the margin of difference between the two candidates' totals is less than a half of a percent, the state will pay for that recount.