Recent Winter Weather Taking Its Toll on VDOT's Budget

Lynchburg, VA - Recent winter weather hasn't left our area buried under a pile of snow, but some desks at VDOT are now buried under a stack of bills and expenses related to clearing our roads.

Four winter weather events four weeks in a row have only totaled a few inches of snow in Lynchburg.

"These storms that we've had this time have been icier in many areas, they're haven't been significant depths, but a lot of ice, " said Paula Jones of VDOT.

Lynchburg City has spent about $110,000 so far on snow removal this winter, about 40 percent of the snow removal budget. So far, the city has only spent around 15 percent of its budget.

The work hours for crew members can add up, though, even if the snow doesn't pile up.

"Overtime does occur. A lot of these storms have occurred over weekends or Holidays. So that, of course, adds up much more to the budget, " Jones said.

Bills are still coming in to VDOT for the last three storms, so there's no total yet.

The statewide snow removal budget is $145 million this winter.

"If we do need to go into some money for mowing and other things as we go down the pike, that's where we'll go. We're not going to stop pushing roads. We're not going to stop cleaning them up," Jones said.

VDOT says they are taking this winter one event at a time.

"We have to wait for another month to get through the majority of winter. You can't tell the sky what to do," Jones said.