Recent Violence Prompts Lynchburg Peace March

Lynchburg, VA - Saturday, the SHOPO organization will host a rally and peace march from Fifth Street to Monument Terrace in Downtown Lynchburg.Organizers say they're hoping the event will help stem senseless violence. Three weeks ago in Lynchburg, 20 year old Lawrence Giusto was gunned down; Lynchburg Police say all eight people responsible for his death are less than 25 years old.It's their young age that prompted the march for peace in the Hill City. Lynchburg city officials, also local youth leaders will be speaking at the event."Anytime you have violence in our community in any type of way, it's a negative effect on the community, especially amongst these youngsters. We've got to show these youngsters positivity and we have youngsters that are willing to step up in a positive way" said B.B. Shavers, Founder of the SHOPO Organization.The event starts at 6 p.m. Saturday. Participants will be meeting in the Elk's Rest parking lot on Fifth Street at 5:30 pm. The Rally starts at 6 and a peaceful walk to Monument Terrace downtown will follow. The event is free and open to all youth and parents in Lynchburg and Central Virginia.
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