Reaction to Virginia Uranium Announcing Suspending Campaign

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Virginia Uranium, Incorporated is taking a break from pushing for uranium mining legislation in the General Assembly, but they say that does not mean they are giving up.

Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has made it clear that he does not support lifting the ban on uranium mining. The company says with McAuliffe coming into office, it might not be the best time to focus their time and money toward introducing the bill.
Virginia Uranium Project Manager Patrick Wales insists that suspending their campaign doesn't mean they're throwing in the towel.

"We're in this for the long haul. So any delays or setbacks, while they may not be ideal, we take them and roll with them," said Wales.
After hearing Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe express his anti-uranium mining views, Wales says they decided to go a different direction.
"There are also some very good options on the table that we could pursue that don't necessarily directly involve the Virginia General Assembly. We are evaluating those as well," said Wales.
While Wales will not say specifically what they would pursue, he says this doesn't put them behind in their long-term goals.
"We do want to make sure that we are conserving our resources to make sure we are in the best position to be successful in the future," said Wales.
Jerry Hagerman sits on the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors. He and other members have been very vocal about their anti-uranium stance. He, too, says this pause does not translate to a win against uranium mining.
"I don't know if the anti-uranium people can really get ahead but I certainly don't think they are going to lose any ground," said Hagerman.
Hagerman welcomes the break from the fight in the General Assembly in 2014, but he knows both sides will have to bring their A-game the next time around.
"The pro uranium people may come forward stronger," said Hagerman.
In the nearly seven years that Virginia Uranium has been around, they have only been to the General Assembly once.
Both sides agree that this will be an issue that doesn't stop here.