Reaction to Paul Ryan's Speech in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan stopped in Lynchburg Tuesday to campaign. He spoke at Automated Conveyor Systems and focused on the economy and jobs.

People at the rally say Ryan said exactly what they came to hear.

But with a schedule as packed as what Congressman Ryan's is, he couldn't touch on everything, leaving out what some say is a big issue.

It didn't take long for Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan to attack the President.

-"President Obama cannot run on his record," said Ryan.

From there, he talked about energy and how he and Romney would do if elected.

"You have a lot of coal in Virginia, let's take use of that energy, let's use our own energy and put people back to work, and make North America energy independent by the end of this decade," he said.

Ryan also discussed Romney's experience as a leader. When it was all said and done, most supporters left pleased.

"It was a good speech, I enjoyed it, he's saying what I want to hear," said Jack McCarthy.

But one Ryan supporter wanted him to talk more about health issues.

"He didn't mention Medicare, and I wish he had. I know what he feels on that, but I am so scared about Medicare," said Joanie Spry.

Spry says she likes Ryan because he seems down to earth. But her family history makes her health an important issue for her.

"Cancer is in my family and what am I going to do when I have it, I won't be taken care of," said Spry

The Democratic Party offered a response through Rob Dolan who attended the rally. He's the former Mayor of Melrose, Massachusetts.

Dolan says, no matter the topic, it's hard to see exactly where Mitt Romney stands.

"In my 20 years in government in Massachusetts, I've seen at least five different Mitt Romney's," he said.

That voice though, was not indicative of the crowd at the rally. Almost all of them really liked what they heard from Ryan.

After the speech at ACS, Ryan went on to Fredericksburg for another campaign rally.