Rashad Jennings' Camp 180 Teaches Hundreds

The homecoming weekend of Liberty University alum and New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings continued on Saturday.

His foundation's free "Camp 180" Football Clinic opened its doors at Linkhorne Middle School in Lynchburg. Hundreds of local kids came out to take the field with Rashad, as well as other NFL players and instructors. Among them was Jennings' former teammate at Liberty and Jacksonville,wide receiver Mike Brown.

Camp 180 is so named, because of the transformation that football helped him achieve in his life.

It's one of several events in Lynchburg this weekend for Jennings, who says he wants to help bring families closer together. Jennings says "My family takes a lot of pride in doing things together. And so I've noticed that that's been a lot of trend for a lot of successful people that I've encountered with in the NFL, so I want to bring that back to Lynchburg, and let everybody know that I'm a part of Lynchburg. When you see me on TV, that's us."

Rashad is holding a free "Family Fun Fest" on Sunday, July 13th, at Miller Park in Lynchburg, starting at 4pm.