Randy Taylor's Lawyer Tells His Side About Alexis Murphy's Disappearance

Nelson Co., VA - The lawyer appointed to represent Randy Taylor says they've located the individual last seen with Alexis Murphy.

Wednesday, Mike Hallahan said his client admitted to meeting the missing 17-year-old at the Liberty gas station. But he says Taylor told authorities an unidentified man was the last one to see her.

Authorities have not ruled out whether another person is involved in Alexis Murphy's disappearance, but they refuse to comment on Randy Taylor's story. Taylor's defense attorney says that after going public with his client's story, he has the answers he needs.

"I got 20 or 30 calls. I got a lot of good information," said Hallahan.

Hallahan, a police officer turned defense attorney says he's located the individual last seen with Alexis Murphy.

"He's a witness that I needed law enforcement to talk to," he said.

Hallahan declined to name that individual or talk about any other facts of the case.

But in a previous interview, the defense attorney said Randy Taylor met Alexis Murphy at the Liberty gas station by coincidence.

"He had parked at the pumps to buy cigarettes. She had parked at the pumps to get gas," he had said in an earlier interview.

Hallahan said Murphy recognized Taylor from seeing him at a car wash a few weeks earlier and the topic of marijuana came up.

"He had indicated to her that he would like to get some more. She said I know a guy. She told him to meet at another location in Lovingston."

Hallahan said Murphy introduced Taylor to an unidentified man at an undisclosed location.

He says the three went back to Taylor's home in three separate vehicles, and a drug deal went down.

"My client purchased $60 worth of marijuana from this man. He said they drank a beer together and they smoked. The girl did not smoke or drink anything."

Hallahan says Murphy and the unidentified man left Taylor's house before sundown, and Taylor never saw them again.

According to Hallahan, Taylor was arrested when law enforcement told him they found a single hair belonging to Murphy inside his camper.

"I don't understand how they can get an abduction charge out of a hair," said Hallahan.

Law enforcement officers won't comment on whether there's a third suspect in Murphy's kidnapping. But Hallahan said there's one way to know.

"He drank a 12 ounce icehouse at that trailer; I believe it was a trailer. His DNA should be in that bottle in that trailer."

Friday, Hallahan was keeping quiet. He sent a text message to local and national media saying he won't continue to answer the same questions. But some of those questions may be answered at a bond hearing scheduled for one week from Thursday.