UPDATE: Jury Hears Audio Recording of Randy Taylor Interviewed by Investigator

Nelson County, VA - On day four of the Randy Taylor trial Tuesday morning, jurors heard another audio recording of an interview between Randy Taylor and Investigator Billy Mays.In the recording, Taylor is read his rights but he is not yet under arrest on August 7th.Taylor was read his rights because authorities were searching his property. On the recording, Taylor agrees to continue talking to Investigator Mays who tells Taylor that they have knowledge of him being back in Charlottesville after being at the Liberty gas stationOn the recording, Taylor denies having gone back to Charlottesville but later admits he was at the Charlottesville Applebees on Sunday and called a cab home.He denied driving a white car to Charlottesville.The Applebees is within walking distance from where Alexis Murphy's car was found.Mays tells Taylor on the recording that, "there is a whole lot of things that we know, we are not making it up, this is not going to go away" and Taylor says "yall want to arrest me or something? that's fine."The jury was also shown pictures in a scrapbook from a house behind Randy Taylor's camper. The photos show the face of a young woman cut out and placed on other bodies. Investigator Mays says the girl in the pictures is the daughter of Taylor's former boss at the car lot.Also on Tuesday, jurors were shown photos from a scrapbook found in the house behind Taylor's camper that show the face of his former boss's daughter cut out and placed on other bodies.An FBI electronics analyst testified that Alexis Murphy's cell phone was so damaged that he could not pull data from it.
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